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How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper?

How to Make a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper

Do you love eating chewing gum? What do you usually do with a gum wrapper? For sure you throw it in the dustbin, right? But what if you can make a creative heart out of that wrapper to keep your hands busy and rejoice?

Sounds interesting, right? So, today we are going to tell you about amazing creativity you can try to show a sweet gesture towards loved ones. It is one of the simplest and most romantic ways to see a long stretch of happiness and love on the faces of dearest ones.  

Create a Shape 

Take a squared piece of a gum wrapper and fold it into half joining corner to corner. Ensure the wrapper is turned so it would seem to look like a diamond. Once done with this part, twist the edge point downwards so it will empower the bowed edge to arrive at the base point.

Well, if your gum wrapper isn’t in a square shape, you can use a scissor to make that paper a squared one. This can be precarious to cut a paper and make all its sides equivalent, therefore, be careful and cut the wrapper cautiously.

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Now, overlap the square covering corner to corner to make a triangle. Then, crease the prolonged closures of the triangle to make another triangle. Ensure to press the lower part of the folds to make them even.

Afterward, check for alignment. Now open the folds completely. 

Make the First Folds 

At this point, turn up one pointed tip of the squared gum wrapper in a way so the tip arrives at the very focus of the square. Make sure to make that fold even. Then, overlay the opposing tip of the other crease to such an extent that the tip contacts the top border of the first fold. Once more, smooth the fold. Now, overlap the left and right boundaries upwards to adjust obliquely in the middle.

Make a Heart Out of the Wrapper

The last step on the most proficient method to make a heart out of a gum wrapper includes using the folds you have made to make a heart shape. Overlap the left and right folds to meet at the center of the paper, then overlay the two folds towards the center of the paper. Don’t try to fold the base point.  Now, it’s time to turn the gum wrapper to see the eventual outcome, your cute little heart is ready.

Note: In some cases, the collapsed tips may not remain level. To achieve the best outcome, you can tape the edges down with transparent tape.

Where to Use Heart-shaped Gum Wrappers? 

You can gift these cute little hearts to the ones you love from the core of your heart. Moreover, you can also add these hearts to the handmade birthday and new year cards. These hearts can also be attached to the top of the gift wrappers to give a unique and astounding look to the present. Last but not the least, you can sew them in a string, attach some LED lights and decorate your room to glorify the ambiance of your space.



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