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An amazing fact about the computer-based IELTS exam 

Although the format, time allotted, subject matter, and question types are the same whether you choose to take the IELTS test on a computer or on paper. In both test modes, an examiner conducts the IELTS Speaking examination in a face-to-face interview. The only difference is the manner in which exams are conducted. But still, a number of candidates find the computerized IELTS test easy because of some incredible facts about it. During the compter-based IELTS test applicant must type their response for all modules on the computer screen. Whereas in the paper-based test, the applicant uses either a pencil to write responses to the reading and listening portions of the test. The difficulty level is the same because the questions and material are the same for both the computer-based and paper-based forms. IELTS on a computer is easier to take than IELTS on paper because of the amazing facts that will be articulated henceforth.

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An amazing fact about the computer-based IELTS exam 

More Test Dates

The IELTS computer-based test is conducted at many test locations. Therefore, there are many choices for test dates and times. In addition, candidates have also the choice to select their spaces and slot. For instance, the candidate can select a morning, midday, or evening time based on their convenience.

Faster Result

One of the main benefits, and the reason why candidates believe the computer-based IELTS is simpler, is the convenience it provides. A computer-based IELTS test can enable the user to obtain results more quickly than a paper-based IELTS test. This is the main reason why candidates prefer to perform computer-based tests. The computer-based IELTS test takes three to five days to declare the results. In contrast, the paper-based test has a 13-day turnaround time. 

Do not Require to Improve Handwriting 

One of the main issues in an IELTS test is messy and difficult-to-read handwriting. Because sloppy and unclear writing leads to bad deduction. The IELTS on a computer has made it simpler and more convenient for students. They can now control their time for each segment by typing, which is quicker than taking the test by hand. Unlike the paper-based IELTS test, you can quickly rewrite the sentence by eliminating the portion of the response you don’t want. 

Use headphones to improve focus

Concentrating on the exam with a number of candidates in the examination hall could be difficult. There is one benefit of taking a computer-based IELTS test is that it allows you to use headphones in the examination hall. Which serve as earplugs and aid in the student’s ability to concentrate on the test’s reading and writing sections. 

Enhance your computer skills

Along with English proficiency skills computer-based IELTS also polishes your computer skills such as typing. As you have to write a number of words in a limited time you have to improve your typing skill. Moreover, you will also get familiar with the shortcut keys that are commonly used. 

Peaceful Ambiance of the Examination hall

The examination hall of the computer-based IELTS test gives you peace of mind. Because the exam conducts between a small group of candidates. Instead of arranging the seat of a number of candidates in the same examination hall. Eventually, this tranquil environment at the examination hall will aid you to focus on the exam properly.

Accurate Result

The answer to the reading and listening tests are checked computerized. Therefore, there is less chance of error. So the candidate gets the unbiased result according to their performance.

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Summing up

Even though the computer-based IELTS test and pen-paper-based IELTS have the same format and difficulty level. However, aspirants find the computer-based test easy. Because of the traits it has. Such as accurate and faster results,  more test dates, no need of good handwriting, and providing basic knowledge of computers. 


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