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Why Add Natural Emerald to Your Jewelry Collection?

Do you love colored gemstone jewelry? If yes, search for natural gemstones that embrace your jewelry collection. Moreover, it gives a unique look to your adornment and evokes luxury. From spreading their vibrance several times to making them a worthy investment, gems like green emerald stone have found immense popularity. 

This blog highlights why natural gems are added to the jewelry collection. Moreover, this blog also gives insight into the price of panna stone

Exquisite Beauty and Color

Reminiscent of lush green forest, this precious gem has been revered for its beautiful color for centuries. The queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was mesmerized by the color of this gem and adorned her jewelry and palace with them. Natural emerald stone features a vivid green color that reflects the beauty of nature in one glance. 

These stones with eye-clean clarity along with bright colors are rare to find. For instance, panna stone sourced from Colombia with high transparency and exquisite color is preferable to enhance your jewelry collection. 

Symbolic Significance

Each gemstone reflects some or the other meaning. This makes panna stone a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. The color of this gem is related to the spring season, meaning abundance and fertility.

 A halo natural emerald stone and diamond ring is an enchanting adornment, the significance of which goes beyond its stunning look. The green gem’s significance answers why only natural stones are preferred. 

Durability and Longevity

Durability is one factor that strengthens the intent for buying gemstone jewelry. Like diamonds, some color gemstones stand fair on the Mohs hardness scale. Original panna stones are such precious gems that rank 7.5 on the hardness scale and are perfect for jewelry. A precise and well-finished cut like the ’emerald cut’ offers brilliance to the stone. 

Investment Value

Another reason for choosing natural gems in a jewelry collection is that they are a great source of investment. Diamonds and gold have been considered valued investments for centuries. With customer choices changing with time, gemstone investment has started surging. Natural emerald stone is a significant investment.

These gems are untreated and hold a significant value due to their natural origin. These precious stones come directly from the earth’s surface and display vibrant color and high quality. Other than this, the demand for original panna stone is increasing. For centuries, the preference for diamonds as traditional gems in engagement and wedding rings has been highlighted. Panna gemstones as a center stone have emerged with time. 

The panna ratna price starts at INR 2,000 and may extend up to INR 50,000 depending upon the stone’s quality. High-carat weight gemstones account for high value, and investing in these precious wonders is excellent. 

Celebrity Influence

The beauty of natural emerald stone has inspired celebrities. Angelina Jolie embracing emerald drop earrings on the red carpet to Halle Berry flaunting her diamond and emerald engagement ring showcases these gems’ fascination. A natural, untreated gemstone is a timeless choice.

 Other than this, it is also an epitome of luxury. These verdant stones are the birthstone for May. Thus, they are a beautiful jewelry option combined with the symbolism of loyalty, love, and compassion. 

How do you buy natural panna stone? 

The captivating hue of the Panna stone is derived from its mineral composition, influenced by traces of chromium, vanadium, and iron. Its value is intricately tied to color purity, saturation, and origin. Colombian emeralds are highly prized for their pure green, while Zambian emeralds exhibit a distinctive bluish-green tint. 

This section delves into the elements that dictate the price of natural Panna stones, emphasizing the significance of color attributes such as hue, tone, and saturation, each contributing to the overall valuation.

Clarity is paramount in establishing a gemstone’s premium status, with fewer inclusions heightening desirability. Panna stones may undergo enhancements like oiling to improve clarity, color, and durability, with a distinction placed on the value of natural, no-oil stones featuring Type 3 inclusions.

The cut of an emerald is not merely an aesthetic consideration but a safeguard for the stone’s structure. Crafted to highlight color depth, the cut plays a pivotal role in preserving the integrity of these gems.

The weight of the stone, measured in carats, goes beyond visual allure—it significantly influences market value. The original Panna stone price per carat increases with the stone’s size, emphasizing the intersection of carat weight with the traditional four Cs.

In the digital shopping era, the importance of certified emeralds cannot be overstated. Certifications from authoritative bodies like GIA or IGI are crucial for validating the quality.

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