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Best Way to Clean Your Indoor Growing Equipment

Your grow tent is probably the most important part of your home growing operation. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are setting up your grow space for the new growing season, give it a thorough deep clean! While you’re cleaning, double-check that your plant grow light bar, grow bags, fans, and filters are in perfect working order for your much-anticipated fall harvest season!

The cleaner your grow room is, the lower your chances of encountering pests, pathogens and mold. Improved sanitation reduces the spread of bacterial and fungal spores that can damage cannabis roots, leaves and flowers.

In this article, we’ll learn together the proper way to clean your grow tent and indoor growing equipment.

What Do You Need to Prepare?

  • Sponge and a few soft cloths
  • Broom, dustpan and brush, mop and bucket
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Gloves and goggles
  • Cleaning agents: detergent, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Distilled water or reverse osmosis water
  • Duct tape

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How to Clean a Grow Tent?

First, remove all pots and containers from the grow space, as well as any other components, supports and grill mesh to the outside of the tent. This will help clean the entire area to provide access for cleaning the inside of the tent or grow room.

Then vacuum the floor and corners of the grow tent, carefully removing all surface dirt from top to bottom so that insects, eggs or fungus will have nowhere to hide. The vents of the grow tent (bottom and top) can also be cleaned with a cloth or vacuum cleaner. Pay close attention to anything stuck in the grids or Velcro straps.

Prepare a bucket of hot water with about 5% bleach and wipe down the inside of the tent with a cloth or sponge before mopping and waiting for it to air dry. Because the fumes produced by bleach are very strong, it is essential to wear gloves and goggles when cleaning to avoid irritation or burns, as well as well-ventilated rooms.

Even if you buy a new plant tent, it is best to clean it properly once before use.

How to Clean Plant Grow Lights?

Many indoor growers will overlook their plant lights when cleaning them. In fact, the plant grow light fixtures and ballasts may only have a thin layer of dust covering them, which can be removed by gently wiping them with a soft cloth.

Clean the cables carefully with an alcohol wipe. Wipe the reflector with a soft cloth moistened with 3 parts vinegar to 100 parts water (3%). Wipe again with another cloth soaked in water to remove any residue. Use distilled water to avoid calcium spots and keep the reflective surface as clean as possible.

How to Clean Fabric Grow Bags?

To clean a fabric planter, brush as much debris off the planter as possible, then use a hose or faucet to clean it. We can clean some fabric planters in a washing machine with bleach, rinsing thoroughly to ensure there is no bleach residue.

How to Clean a Hydroponic Growing System?

Cleaning a hydroponic system is more complicated and requires more attention than a fabric planter, but it is worth doing so. The same basic cleaning principles apply, but in this case, growers usually prefer to disinfect them with a powerful hydrogen peroxide solution.

Mix two parts of water with one-part concentrated solution of 30% (110 vol) hydrogen peroxide and wipe the entire hydroponic system from the inside out, using a brush or sponge. A 5% solution of bleach can also be used instead.

Note: This step also requires wearing goggles and gloves to avoid irritation or burns. At the same time, check all pipes and drip lines for damage and replace them if necessary.

How to Clean the Ventilation System?

Your grow tent includes fans and filters that draw air from the outside so that contaminants do not have a chance to enter the grow space plant health. This feature can cause a lot of dust and dirt to accumulate on the fan assembly.

Turn off the extraction system and wipe off all dust from the outside of the fan and ducts before starting work.

Remove and clean the pre-filter sleeve from the air filter and the insect protection from the extraction port. At the same time, you can inspect the ducts and seals for any wear and tear and reseal any holes or loose joints with tape.

Some Additional Indoor Growing Equipment Cleaning

  • Water Filter – Clean and replace as necessary.
  • EC and pH meters- calibrate and check probes.
  • Nutrients and supplements – Check supplies and expiration dates.
  • Electrical Connections – Make sure there are no signs of loose cables connecting lights and ballasts, exhaust fans, etc.


Understanding the proper way to clean the grow tent with plant grow light bar is essential. The conditions in the grow tent should be conducive to plant growth, such as hospital cleanliness and nurturing conditions that help patients recover.

Once you’ve taken good care of your daily, weekly, or even monthly grow tent cleaning tasks, your plants will be more than grateful!

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