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Easy Guide For Designing Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

There are different fast food products in the USA that are highly popular among people. Chinese foods are trending all over the world, including the United States. These products come in different varieties of taste and ingredients. You can see a large number of Chinese takeout restaurants in almost every region from east to west. Chinese food brands create custom Chinese takeout boxes for packaging these delicate products that ensure safe delivery to their customers’ doorstep.

Tso chicken, wonton soup, noodles, and egg rolls are examples of Chinese takeout food items that people buy more than other types of fast foods. It has become one of the top food business niches worldwide. If you are an Eastern food-selling brand, whether well-established or new in the food market, you can create Chinese food boxes according to your product’s packaging demand. In addition, you can easily customize them in any design as per your own ideas and considering your budget limit.

Types Of Chinese Takeout Foods

There are several types of Chinese fast food products on our globe. Below are some of the common types of Chinese food takeout packaging boxes that are customized in different ways:

  • Hinge lock take-out box with custom window
  • Front tuck collapsible takeout box
  • Double hook take out box
  • Single hook take-out box
  • Salad take-out box
  • Fast food noodle box
  • Junk Food Takeout Box

Why Brands Use Chinese Takeout Wholesale Boxes

Customization in the packaging boxes has become a need not only for food brands but also for all types of product sellers. Custom boxes are always created according to the specific packaging design demand of the business owners according to the product specs. Custom boxes of Chinese foods provide extensive protection to the product from internal and external harmful factors.

Moreover, they attract customers with their enticing outlook and urge them to order the product instantly. By using these product boxes, Chinese food brands can get more customers and sales for their business.

Tactics To Create Perfect Chinese Takeout Box Packaging

You can make your Chinese takeout boxes enticing and protective at the same time by using creative design tactics that can make your branded products shine in the food market. Below are some of the mentionable tactics for you to craft Chinese food product takeout boxes that can provide a good experience to users:

1- Food-Grade Packaging Materials

Edibles need highly durable and sturdy packaging material that can provide them extensive protection from internal and external damage. By using the right stocks, you can easily create custom Chinese takeout packaging boxes for your brand. Paper materials are the best option for creating food product cartons.

However, brown kraft, eco-friendly cardboard, e-flute corrugated, and bux board are paper materials that are also highly protective, sustainable, durable, lightweight, and cost-effective options for Chinese food product sellers. In addition, these materials are food-safe and keep the product fresh, hot, and tasty for a long period of time.

You can use PE coating on the Kraft paperboard that helps retain heat and also use the wax coating on the box’s surface, which helps prevent food leakage. Paper stocks are created with a weightage of 10pt to 28pt (60-400 lb). Furthermore, these materials are the best option to deliver your delicate products to your target customers with full protection.

2- Premium Quality Box Customization

You can create custom food boxes for your brand in different shapes, sizes, and structures according to your specific packaging design requirements according to your product shape, weight, and dimensions. That way, you can create fit and perfect packaging that protects the product in the box. It also doesn’t allow the product to be shaken, leading to damage to the food item.

Moreover, you can choose any color scheme, printing of essential details, embellishments, and add-on option according to your own choices. You can also use the perforation and gluing option on these boxes as a default product box design process.

3- Suitable Color Scheme And Printing

You can create Chinese food boxes wholesale packaging using any color scheme according to your company logo and brand’s theme design. That way, you can make your products look professional, which impresses customers and forces them to buy your food products. In addition, you can also print key details on Chinese food product boxes. These details include:

  • The logo of the brand
  • Product and brand name
  • List of ingredients
  • Brand storyline
  • Contact details
  • And many other information

On these Chinese takeout fast food packaging boxes, you can use AQ coating to make the product attractive and add a window option to make the product visible in the box.

The Bottom Line Of This Blog

Above are the essential details about designing premium standard custom Chinese takeout boxes that assist you in creating the best product boxes for your Chinese food brand. By choosing the sturdy, protective, and sustainable material and catchy box design, you can attract more customers to your brand and clear the way for your business growth in the competitive retail Chinese food market in the USA.

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