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How To Check for Normal Liver Function at Home

Your liver plays a key role in keeping your body healthy and functioning correctly. There are now easy at home liver test kits available to help you test your liver’s health. With these tests, you can stay informed and take proactive steps to keep your liver healthy and functioning optimally. Here are six easy ways you can test that your liver is functioning normally from home:

1. Blood Tests for Liver Function

Several blood tests can be used to monitor liver health and are easy to do at home. One test checks your liver’s ability to process fats, and another checks for levels of bilirubin, a substance produced when the body processes old red blood cells. If your at home liver test results show low levels of bilirubin or other compounds associated with liver failure, it might be an indicator that you need to visit your doctor.

2. Blood Tests for Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes and high blood sugar levels can affect the liver’s ability to function and trigger many other problems. A simple blood test for this condition can alert you to potential risks and help you know that you need to visit your doctor.

3. Cholesterol Check

A simple cholesterol check is also an excellent way to determine your liver’s health. Cholesterol is key for the liver’s proper functioning, so high levels of this substance can indicate a failing liver. If your cholesterol levels are high, you should see your doctor to check for other conditions affecting liver function.

4. Blood Pressure Test

Blood pressure is another key indicator of liver health. When the liver is functioning correctly, it aids in blood circulation and helps to maintain proper blood pressure levels. High blood pressure might indicate that something is causing your liver to fail. You can check your blood pressure at home using a device or monitor.

5. Blood Tests for Vitamin C Levels

Your liver plays a role in the body’s ability to absorb and eliminate vitamin C, so it is key to monitor your vitamin C status. A simple blood test can alert you to the levels of vitamin C in your body. An overview of its presence in your body can help you know if you need to seek additional care from your doctor regarding your liver health.

6. Urine Amino Acid Profile

The most extensive test for liver health is a urine amino acid profile. This test takes about an hour to complete and looks for toxic ammonia, which can indicate liver damage. High levels of ammonia in your urine means you are at risk. You can purchase test kits over the counter at your local pharmacy or online.

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Get a Comprehensive at Home Liver Test Kit

Many factors can affect your liver’s ability to function correctly. Finding out what might be affecting your health is key to maintaining good health throughout your life. A liver test kit can help you determine if the liver is functioning correctly and help you determine if other issues might affect its function. Try a liver test kit at home today.nb

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