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The Most Ratchet Asian Girl(March 2024) – Lovely Mimi Biography

What does ratchet actually mean? Do you know the exact meaning of the word ‘ratchet’? Let us tell you that this word is a slang term in hip hop that is used for an uncouth woman. So, what do you think is the most ratchet asian girl? Well, if you love watching tv shows, you might have an idea of which woman we are going to talk about today. 

Yes, you are thinking right! She is the one and only ‘Lovely Mimi’, a reality star, a singer, an owner of a nail salon and a huge social media personality. Well, who called her the most ratchet asian girl at first? A person named Nick Cannon called her this at first and now everyone calls her the most ratchet asian girl. So, let’s dig into the article and explore all the information and some interesting facts about the most ratchet asian girl. 

The Most Ratchet Asian Girl – Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi, also notable as Myha Thi Luong, is an Instagram celebrity, a tv star and a nail salon director who has millions of fans and followers from all over the world. She was born in Vietnam and came to the US with her parents at a very young age. The reason for their displacement from Vietnam to the US was the war in her home country. Her mother and father got separated due to some reasons and her classmates started tormenting her because of this. Not only her mates, but Lovely Mimi’s abusive father also kept bullying her all the time. 

Lovely Mimi Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Lovely Mimi as of 2024 is 2 million dollars. The major source of her income is her salon. However, she also earns from reality shows, Instagram promotions and youtube videos. She has 1.16 million subscribers on Youtube. There are 1288 videos on her Youtube challenges and many of them have got more than a million views. Women from all over the world are impressed by her work and want to get their nails done at her salon.

Lovely Mimi Educational Qualifications

When she was a teenager, she spent most of her time in Juvenile detention centers. She didn’t even complete her middle school education and dropped out of the school. So, she didn’t complete her studies during her teenage years but when she grew up, she took admission to the university and got her bachelor’s degree from there.  

Lovely Mimi Family

In 2010, this lady star married Remy Skinner and now she has two kids. She loves pets which can be seen on Instagram when she posts pictures with her pet named Jefe. She was mistreated in her entire childhood but now, she has made her own name. 

Lovely Mimi Family

Lovely Mimi Career

Just because of her alcoholic and unruly behavior during her teenage years, she didn’t complete her studies and spent most of her time in the Juvenile detention centers. There was no hope that she would do something big but it was her passion that made her do that. She is now a popular celebrity having her own nail salon named Luong’s lovely nails. After developing her career, she made her Instagram profile where she regularly posted pictures of her work. People liked her work so much that she now has more than one and a half million followers on Instagram.

Other Important Details About Lovely Mimi

If you want to know about the birth date, age, nationality, physical appearance and a lot more other details about Lovely Mimi, just have a look at the underneath points: 

Birth Date: August 20, 1990

Born in: Vietnam 

Age: 32 years

The language used by her: Vietnamese

Nationality: American

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Another name: Myha Thi Luong

Followers on Instagram: 1.7 million

Status: Married

Husband’s name: Remy Skinner

Kids: Two

Favorite food: Chicken Rice 

Income source: MTV and social media platforms

Net worth: 2 million dollars 

Height: 5 feet 1 inch

Weight: 68 kg

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Brown

Most Ratchet Asian Girl Before and After Photos

Most Ratchet Asian Girl Before and After Photos (4)
When Lovely Miami was in her early age of life.
Most Ratchet Asian Girl Before and After Photos (4)
The time when she was pregnant.
Most Ratchet Asian Girl Before and After Photos (4)
Lovely Miami with her friends.
Most Ratchet Asian Girl Before and After Photos (4)
The days of glamour.

Final Thoughts

If someone is unruly and uncouth, it doesn’t mean he/she can’t do anything in life. Time doesn’t remain the same. Even though she has faced numerous challenges and difficulties in her life and suffered from bullying, now a myriad of people are following her. It’s just hard work, determination and a high spirit that motivates you to tackle every situation positively and do something better and even incredible in life.

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