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What Are the Top Reasons for Student Visa Rejection?

Are you excited about studying abroad? What makes you feel excited? For sure, the aim of attaining top-quality education, settling abroad and earning a hefty sum of money could be your reason for eagerness. Well, achieving everything mentioned above isn’t a cinch. You need to get your visa first. Nowadays, the visa process has become quite stringent and plenty of students are getting visa rejections.

Are you aware of the reasons that can directly lead to your student visa rejection? If not, then we are sure that you will get to know about everything after reading this article. This article will help you to proceed with your visa application flawlessly to get better outcomes. Well, seeking help from professionals is a better option. So, if you are planning to apply for a UK student visa, you can take the right consultation from the UK study visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Here are some top causes that can lead to your student visa rejection:

  • Financial Insufficiency

Do you have sufficient funds in your bank account to smoothen your stay abroad? Do you have enough money to pay your college/university fee, purchase groceries, pay rent and spend on other necessities?  If not, then visa officials might reject your visa. Adequate funds and proof of your bank account statement are required to be eligible for studying abroad. So, arrange funds for yourself to be financially stable in order to survive effortlessly while studying abroad. If you don’t have the required sum of money, you can take a study loan to support yourself. The best part of a study loan is, you don’t need to pay anything throughout the duration of the study program.

  • Choice of the Study Program

Do you want to opt for the same study program as that of your friend? If yes, then your decision can lead to visa rejection. Choosing a study program after discussing it with your friends isn’t going to create any issues in your own country but if you do so while applying for your visa, it won’t allow you to move abroad. So, make sure to choose a study program that matches your educational background, suits your interest and helps you develop a flourishing career. In some cases, if you want to choose a study program that doesn’t match your prior qualification and experience, you need to give a written clarification for that to avoid any issues later.

  • Less Scores in the Language Proficiency Test

As you know, a required number of scores are required in the IELTS, PTE, TOFEL etc to move to an English-speaking country. If you have poor English speaking abilities, this could be the reason for your student’s visa rejection. For instance, if you are planning to move to Canada for a graduation degree, your band score in IELTS must not be less than 6 in any module. If your overall score is good but you achieve 5.5 in any module of the IELTS exam, you won’t be able to get your visa approval. Therefore, work so hard to improve your language abilities to achieve a good score in the language proficiency test.

  • Incomplete Documents

Do you have proper information regarding the documentation process for the student visa? Do you know which documents are required to apply for your study visa? If not, then you might miss some important documents which can lead to visa rejection. So, you must have proper knowledge regarding the documents and make sure to arrange each of them in a sequence to avoid any chaos later. Here is the list of documents you must have to apply for a student visa:

  • Application form
  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Language proficiency test scores
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of financial funds
  • Permanent Stay

It is crucial to mention in your SOP that you will move back to your home country after completing your studies. If the authorities get an indication that your plan is to permanently settle abroad, they won’t approve your visa at any cost. If you don’t know how to write a well-written SOP for the USA study visa and want someone who can help you with the flawless SOP, you can seek help from professionals.

Summing Up

To sum up, these are some reasons that can keep you away from studying abroad. So, if you want to get visa approval, consider paying attention to each point and make sure to avoid all these mistakes.

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