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Why Hoodies Are Too Awesome

Come on. I know you have at least one hoodie in your wardrobe. Or maybe you used to own one. Well, the point is that everyone of us owns or used to own at least one hoodie. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a wardrobe staple. For many including me, a hoodie is what comes to mind when thinking about a garment that has the right balance of style, versatility and comfort. And I am going to tell you why they are probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions.

Alright let’s begin.

Did you know they are old? Like really old?

Yeah, they popped up way back in the 1930’s. Originally designed for workers in the cold warehouses in New York, it took them close to four decades to actually be considered streetwear; a classy one at that. They came a long way after that, ending up as one of the trendiest styles ever. Hoodies that have personalized catchphrases printed on them is a global phenomenon now. Why, though?

Without further ado, let’s get to my list of reasons that make hoodies way too awesome.

Luxe on a budget? The magic word is ‘Hoodie’

A couple of years back, Katie Holmes took some inspiration from the boys and wore a GAP hoodie that soon became the world’s most famous hoodie then. But that’s not where the story ends. GAP sweatshirts cost under $50. If she can look chic with a $40 hoodie, so can you. Get a $40 hoodie, get a dapper look. If you are creative enough, get a heavyweight hoodie blank, customize it and pair it with the right garments to go full luxe on a budget.

We look boring in a hoodie…NOT!!!

Hoodies are anything but dull. They go well with almost everything you wear, and won’t fail you no matter the occasion. Just throw on a hoodie, dark-colored at that, over a formal shirt and you have yourself a cozily formal outfit. Want to spread some masculinity in the air? Grab a leather jacket to layer over your hoodie. As long as it’s a pale neutral hoodie, they will know they are dealing with one hunk of a guy. For the classic casual look, pair your hoodie with jeans.

See? Styling a hoodie is as simple as it sounds.

Comfort that makes your couch jealous

Style + Coziness = Hoodie

Exploring the streets or sweating it out at the gym, one never goes wrong with a hoodie. Because it’s basically the personification of comfort. All you need to do is pay attention when choosing the right type of hoodie that fits your style.

Here are some pointers.

Comfy Chic → Tie Dye Hoodie

Cute Casual → Oversized Hoodie

Casual Techie → Tech Hoodie

Swaggy Chic → Cropped Hoodie

Cool & Functional → Zip-Up Hoodie

Active Casual → Sleeveless Hoodie

Social evasion when you need it

Some days are so plain bad that you might wish to shut yourself off from all the problems or everyone around you. Probably why introverted characters in many movies often wear hoodies. During those times, your clothing can be the companion you need…especially if it’s a hoodie. Just put the hood on and walk away from the bitterness.

Interesting fact: This is the same reason why robbers and thieves love hoodies too. For the obscurity, that is. Just saying.

Fireplace? No. Hoodie? Yes.

Snug Swag!

Warmth is something you get extra out of your hoodie. You can take a walk on a chilly night or enjoy evening drizzles exuding all the swag while your hoodie keeps you warm and comfortable. Or you can just throw on a zip-up hoodie over a graphic tee for even more warmth and swag. The point is you don’t need to rush back home to get warm anymore, when hoodies are there to save the day.

Final Thoughts

By now, you’ve received enough dose of hoodie awesomeness. Many celebrities and fashion influencers got the same effect, which explains the massive popularity of hoodies worldwide. Time for you to get creative with your hoodies. Crop them or customize them, but never disregard them.

If you don’t own a hoodie or have never used one before, it’s time to come out of that rock you are living under. 

Rose Thompson
Rose Thompson
A passionate blogger for sustainability and mindful living, Rose shares her expertise on eco-friendly practices, ethical fashion, and holistic wellness, empowering readers to make conscious choices that positively impact the planet and their well-being.

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