Home Facts Ultimate Drive Increaser: Is this Really a Pen Drive Size Booster?

Ultimate Drive Increaser: Is this Really a Pen Drive Size Booster?


It is often believed that Ultimate Drive Increaser is software that boosts the size of your pen drive. 

Well, is Ultimate Drive Increaser really a pen drive size booster or just a fake software launched to dupe you? The article will tell you the reality of the software that is gaining strong popularity among users. 

Is This Software Really a Pen Drive Size Booster?

The brilliant minds of the experts have discovered a few smart tricks to benefit from technology in various ways. One such trick involves increasing the size of your drive by using free software. If it works then, for sure, it is a revolutionary step that will benefit database managers, businesspeople, and all computer users. 

The internet is full of fake tips and tricks that not only waste people’s time but their money as well. You can get various fake tips and tricks based on cosmetics, crafts, and technology. Is this Ultimate Driver Increaser the same fake trick to dupe you? Check the reality of this software with the help of this article.

The Traditional Way to Increase the Size of Your Pen Drive:


Make sure that you have accessed the software from an authentic website. Also, remember that referring to unauthentic websites means compromising the safety of your data. 

Step 1: You need to go to Start -> Run -> CMD and then, press enter. 

Step 2: Now, on the screen, you have to type convert X:/FS:NTFS. Note that here X means the letter of your drive which means that you have to type the letter of your pen drive instead of X. Moreover. the letter will be displayed right in front of the name of the pen drive.

Step 3: The next step is to click on “my computer” and then, click the right button on your drive name to select properties.  

imgpsh_fullsize_anim (568×428)

Step 4: A new dialogue box will appear. You will have to select “compress drive to save disk space”.

Step 5: Then, you will see a new dialogue box that will show an option “Apply To Sub Folder and Files”. Select this option and click OK. 

If you carefully analyze, you will come to understand the process illustrated above is actually making your disc use the unallocated space. 

Increase the Size of Your Pen Drive with Ultimate Drive Increaser Software:

Before you go ahead with the procedure, make sure to connect the pen drive to the computer. Otherwise, the trick will not work on your computer. In the following pointers, we are trying to extend the size of a drive from 16 GB to 32 GB. 

Step 1: Install the ultimate drive increaser software RAR file to proceed with the downloading process of the software.

Then, click on the link to get the ultimate drive increaser software RAR file:

Ultimate Drive Increaser Software RAR File

Step 2: Then, the next step is to go to an authentic website that can give you access to the software.
Step 3: Once you are done with the downloading process. Click on Run and the launch process will begin and then, the software will be installed on your system. 
Step 4: Now when you click on the software, a new prompt will appear on the screen where you will be required to enter the data. 
Step 5: The next step is to type the name of your pen drive. Make sure that the drive is connected to your computer. 
Step 6: After typing the name of the pen drive, type the letter of the drive that you can see right after the name of the drive. 
Step 7: After typing the letter, type the desired size of the pen drive. 
Step 8: Press any key to escape the prompt. 
Step 9: Now, check the size of the pen drive by clicking the properties option. The size of the pen drive will be exactly the same as you have typed on the prompt. 

However, you can’t transfer files that are larger in comparison to the size of the drive. This means you can’t transfer 32 GB of data in a pen drive that comes with a capacity of 16 GB even if you have extended the size of the pen drive through the Ultimate Drive Increaser. Also, when you format the pen drive and check its size again, you will get the original size of the pen drive back i.e. 16 GB. 

Check the Entire Reality of the Software Through the Link Given Below:



All in all, the ultimate drive increaser is a fake software that doesn’t increase the size of your drive. Installing such software can harm your computer system and compromise data safety. Also, you have to understand that referring to authentic websites will get you the perfect solution. Lastly, avoid clicking on random links to escape serious harm to your computer and data.



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